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From My Heart | Aug/Sept 2020: Letting Go…

From My Heart | Aug/Sept 2020:  Letting Go…

Letting go:

by Publisher "ANDEE" Hoig

Letting go: It’s something we all have had to do a one time or another. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it can be quite challenging. Losing a loved one can perhaps be the most difficult—I know; I lost both of my parents last year.

I have just finished moving into a new home. I made the decision—before I started moving—that I was only going to take 20 percent of my “stuff” with me. Easy peasy, right? Not so much. I decided to have an estate sale and loved the company I worked with. Deciding what to take was harder than I thought; I was attached to so much, even stuff that I hadn’t seen for years or decades. I had to become really aware of my stuff and ask (sometimes out loud), “Will this item/outfit/piece of jewelry contribute to me? Will it contribute to my future? Will it contribute to my wealth (and wealth is more that just money; more on that later)? Does it want to be owned by me or someone else now?” I typically would get a “yes” or “no” almost immediately. I had to trust that inner knowing. That in itself was a great lesson of the awareness I had.

As I started “letting go” of stuff, I soon realized that I had been carrying some of it around with me through decades of my life—a life that no longer existed. Clothes, jewelry, artwork, computers, furniture, books, CDs (and VHS videos and cassette tapes—HA!) and all sorts of other things. I saw items being displayed that I hadn’t seen in decades (but I had actually felt nevertheless.).

I had so much stuff, and it definitely felt like it even though I couldn’t see ANY of it. Again, I had to ask my “stuff” if it wanted to continue to contribute to me. Most of it was “ready to move on.” I had to let go—it was time.

Time to focus on the future versus the past.

COVID-19 has forced all of us to let go of something at some point, many things much more important than a house full of belongings. But I am constantly reminded of how attached I have become to so, so much! Attached to a way of living or the freedoms I have enjoyed without a second thought. Letting go of one thing may allow something new, something better, something greater to come into our lives. It creates more space. I had to be willing to have more space in my life regardless of what is going on in the world. Allowing for that space allows me to contribute more to others and that is something that I don’t mind being attached to: contribution.

What are you willing to let go of in order to contribute more to yourself and to others and the future we can build individually and together?

With ease, joy & gratitude,

~ Andee

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Andee has spent over 30 years photographing and documenting the philanthropic & charitable activities in the Omaha, Council Bluffs and surrounding areas.

metroMAGAZINE has provided event & photo coverage for tens of thousands of charity events and has reported on millions (perhaps billions) of dollars being raised for area non profits. metroMAGAZINE is often the only public recognition that these non profits, the volunteers and committee members receive. 

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Aug/Sept 2020:  Letting Go…