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From My Heart | Jun/July 2020: What else is possible?

From My Heart | Jun/July 2020: What else is possible?

What else is possible?

by Publisher "ANDEE" Hoig

As we continue to navigate through uncharted territory, the time is now to ask: What else is possible? 

What else is possible? 

I think most of us can agree that we will not be going back to how it was pre-COVID-19. That world no longer exists, but is that such a bad thing? I am looking at life in a completely different way both personally and professionally. 

I now communicate with people in a much different way, and more often than not, on a much deeper level. There is a sense that we are seeing a reemergence of connection and communion with humanity that I have not experienced before. There is a connection and communion with the earth that has been long overdue (in my opinion) that is bringing us closer together and more in harmony with who we really are, in harmony with every living thing on this planet. 

I am very soberly aware of the chaos this pandemic is causing us but I am also very aware of “what else is possible” in terms of positive developments and opportunities that we—as human beings in connection and communion—can be creating as well.

What better time to ask the question: What else is possible?

  • What else is possible for me?
  • What else is possible for my body?
  • What else is possible for my business?
  • What else is possible for my community?
  • What else is possible for the planet?
  • By simply asking these questions you are opening up space for something new to be created, something different, something bigger and better!

Change and evolution is a part of life and, boy, are we being asked to change. Or perhaps I should say, “being compelled” to change. It is up to us to choose to change for the better or for worse. I am choosing for the better and my choices impact not just those around me, but everyone.

So I encourage you, my friends, to keep asking “What else is possible?” and see what kind of magic shows up. You are the creator of your life!

With ease, joy & gratitude,

~ Andee

ABOUT Publisher Andrea ‘ANDEE’ Hoig and ALH Publications, Inc. / metroMAGAZINE

Andee has spent over 30 years photographing and documenting the philanthropic & charitable activities in the Omaha, Council Bluffs and surrounding areas.

metroMAGAZINE has provided event & photo coverage for tens of thousands of charity events and has reported on millions (perhaps billions) of dollars being raised for area non profits. metroMAGAZINE is often the only public recognition that these non profits, the volunteers and committee members receive. 

Andee has been committed to serving the Omaha community since her early twenties and she continues to look for ways to shine a light on those in need as well as encouraging people of all ages and walks of life to get involved, give back and make a difference. 

ALH Publications, Inc is committed to creating positive community impact publications that help expand the giving landscape of our community as well as CONNECTING people with community minded businesses.

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Jun/July 2020: What else is possible?